Mobile-based Extension - How It Works


Steps on Farmers' End:
1. Farmers register to the system via text messages;
2. To ask a farming question, farmers begin a text message with a specific keyword suggesting the language that he or she uses;
3. Type the question into a text message and send it to our short code;
4. Receive the answers and solutions from a local extension officer;
5. All registered farmers also receive location-based information of weather, markets, and best farming practice regularly from extension officers. 

Steps on Extension Officers' End:
1. Extension officers register an account on our online database;
2. To answer farming questions from farmers, extension officers need to log in the database;
3. All farming questions are sorted by the language keyword in the database and extension officers get to pick the ones that they understand;
4. Click on a specific question and type the solution and answer in the given window;
5. Submit it and the answer will be instantly texted back to the farmer's phone;
6. Extension officers can view and track down where the farming questions came from.