Mobile based agriculture insurance


The largest economic impact of climate change is upon agriculture. And small-holder farmers bare the biggest brunt. Our mobile-based agriculture Insurance product protects farmers against harsh climatic conditions and they can farm well assured that come rain or shine, they will reap the fruits of their labor..Through a partnership with the Agriculture Insurance Consortium (AIC) – m-Omulimisa provides highly subsidized agriculture insurance through our network of agents. AIC is a consortium of insurance companies providing subsidized agriculture insurance under the Uganda Agricultural Insurance Scheme. The service is commission based so the more insurance policies our agents sell, the more money they make. The commission helps agents meet their operational costs and provides an incentive for enhancing the service. By making the service accessible via the mobile phone, we make it easy for any farmer anywhere in Uganda to access insurance when they want it. The service is available through USSD, Mobile App and via our website. We integrate mobile money to make it easy for you to pay for agriculture insurance as well as receive compensation at the end of the season.


Recruiting of Agriculture Insurance Agents

We are currently recruiting agents that will be provided agriculture insurance to farmers across Uganda.  An agent will earn from selling insurance and will receive training from m-Omulimisa. An agent must have basic education and must know how to use a phone. The service can be accessed on any phone so you don’t need to have a smartphone for you to become an agent. However, with a smartphone, you will able to access more services from the system.


Who can be an agent?

1.      Individual

2.      Registered business

3.      Farmer Co-operative

4.      Community Based Organization

5.      Farmer Organization

6.      NGO


What do you need to become an agent?

1.      Certificate of incorporation/registration certificate from responsible entity (for a business or organization)

2.      Physical business location/address

3.      Valid Identification documents (National ID, Passport, Driving Permit)

4.      Registered Mobile Money number

5.      Good mobile phone proficiency

Whether you are a farmer who only wants to insure their agriculture investment or an agent who wants to earn some extra cash as you help your community, please get in touch with us:
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Daniel: 0701035192/0776035192
Samuel: 0772061270/0701489296
Facebook: @momulimisa