Leverage partnerships and technology to provide smallholder farmers with agriculture related services to improve their livelihoods.



Farmers are the major buyers of our products and services. They are the main users of our e-extension service where they ask questions any agriculture related questions and receive feedback from extension agents. They are also the main consumers of our agriculture insurance service, our agricultural loans and inputs which they buy through our network of community-based agents and pay through mobile money.

Village Agents

Our community-based agents are our main interface with farmers. They mobilize and train farmer on savings and credit, profile farmers on the platform, train farmers on how to use the platform, sell agriculture insurance to farmers through the platform, distribute seed, fertilizer, energy saving technologies, post-harvest technologies, mobilize farmers into groups and organize them for loan and some of them buy back farmers produce. Our operation is anchored on this network of agents who earn commission from m-Omulimisa for the services they provide. They are independent and are responsible to develop and build their enterprises by reaching out to more farmers.

partner organizations

Our model heavily relies on partnerships with various actors in the agricultural extension ecosystem. Some of our the key partnerships include nonprofit organizations providing conventional agricultural extension services such as World Vision Uganda, Sasakawa Global 2000 and District Local Governments. We leverage their well-established networks with farmers and extension officers to mobilize and train farmers. We train their extension staff how to use the platform and the trained extension officers then train their farmers as well as respond to farmers’ questions through the platform at no cost.


Our main source of revenue is the distribution of services and products from various suppliers of agriculture related products and services. We offer a distribution network of community based agents that has a wider reach with farmers while they provide the necessary products and services to make the network profitable for all involved.

What We've Achieved

  • Presenting at the UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2017 in Denmark;
  • Presented in USAID HESN TechCon Innovation Marketplace and registered in the Global Innovation Exchange in 2016;
  • Finalist of 2015-2016 Big Ideas Scaling Up Contest at UC Berkeley;
  • Grant winner of 2015 Transformative Solutions Grant from the Center for Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University;
  • First Place Award of 2014-2015 Big Ideas Contest at UC Berkeley;
  • Presented at ICTD 2015 Conference in Singapore;
  • Presented and recognized in USAID HESN TechCon Innovation Marketplace in 2014 and 2015.